2013 Promotion | Free Tickets to Seoul

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From 2013.Jan.07 to 2013.Feb.22.

Seoul TouchUp is pleased/excited to announce 2013′s first promotion!

If you are flying from one of the following countries (Asia), we will be able to offer you FREE round-trip tickets. (economy class)

China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Mongolia, Thailand, Taiwan, Cambodia, Philippines.

If you are flying from USA, Canada, Australia, U.K, and European countries, we will pay 50% of your flight fees. (economy class)

**UPDATED** 2013.1.29
Round-trip airline tickets in economy class are offered at 50% discount to customers from Saudi Arabia, The UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey and Israel.

Now, here is how you can be eligible for the awesome free tickets.

  • Choose TouchUp Compact Plan or TouchUp Extended Plan More Info
  • Total Surgery Costs (Per Customer) Must Be Over $6,000
  • Arrival Date Must Be Between 2013.Jan.07 and 2013.Feb.22.

If you have been thinking of having cosmetic plastic surgery and have been considering “SOUTH KOREA” as your destination, (because it is the best in the world) we highly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. Our team targets 100% satisfaction rate, and will make sure that you have great and relaxing time here in South Korea.

Start your plastic surgery vacation with the BIG “GET STARTED” button! We are so excited to see you soon in South Korea!

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