Korean Plastic Surgery Statistics

Korean Plastic Surgery Stats

Korea is a leading destination for cosmetic surgery tourism as the Korean plastic surgery statistics shows above. (More detailed information about plastic surgery statistics) It is valued as a national asset – one that leads thousands of people to a land that is predisposed to aesthetic beauty. It is here that cosmetic surgery is viewed as a practical issue in an extremely competitive world. Many Koreans believe having the right face makes the difference between success and failure.

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Korean Plastic Surgery Statistics: Edition 2014

Over the past few years, Korea has experienced a renewed surge in the number of tourists that are visiting the country. South Korea Plastic Surgery Statistics show that annually, more than 7.5 million visitors come to Korea with more than 80,000 of those visitors coming expressly for the purpose of having a medical procedure done; such procedures ranging from cyberknife surgery to plastic surgery and more.

With more and more people becoming aware of the excellent medical facilities and highly qualified medical practitioners available in Korea, it is projected that by 2015 the stats of visitors coming strictly for medical procedures will reach 400,000 with an estimated growth rate of 30% annually.

This unarguably shows the amount of interest in Korean surgeons’ expertise in cosmetic surgery, which is becoming an important factor in the growth and development of the medical tourism industry in Asia. Furthermore, through medical tourism, Korea has been able to showcase the beauty of its country and its world-class medical facilities and doctors. In fact, CNN has named Korea as one of the most popular “hot destinations” for medical tourism in Asia and the Korean government is looking to maintain that designation by surpassing all other countries in the region which are known for medical tourism. It is Seoul TouchUp’s firm belief that within a decade, Korea will become the heart and soul of Asia’s medical tourism industry.