Korean Plastic Surgery and Gangnam Style: A Look Into the Raging Trends of Today

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korean plastic surgery and gangnam style
They’re usually tall and thin with chiselled faces and not a hair out of place; they are your 21st century K-pop idols. This is in stark contrast to how things were before. Way back before the rising popularity of Korean plastic surgery and Gangnam style, Koreans  led a more traditional, Confucianism way of life; you were supposed to honor what your parents had given you, that is, your natural body. These days, nips and tucks are so heavily promoted in advertisements and society at large that they really are no longer a taboo, at least in South Korea. How did this all come about? It’s no secret: understanding contemporary South Korea through K-pop is the key here.

Perhaps talent, a good work ethic and hard work is of greater importance than your image, but which does society and the workplace value more? In Korea, image is everything. It can make or break a job interview and a career. More and more Asian countries, especially image-driven ones, are also becoming more tolerant and accepting of this supposedly luxurious pursuit, as it is no longer stands as a luxury but perhaps a necessity for competing and thriving in society.

Taking a look at current plastic surgery statistics will reveal just how popular Korean plastic surgery is, with both the locals and global audience. According to the figures, South Korea has the most number of plastic surgery procedures done in the world. Everything from less invasive face and skin treatments, onto the popularly requested double eyelid surgery and finally, more extreme make overs.

Once one of the least developed areas in Seoul, Gangnam has come a long way now. It is now not only an affluent district with a song about itself, “Gangnam Style” that has acclaimed world-wide recognition, but situated and densely packed in this metropolis are 500 cosmetic surgery clinics. But does Gangnam offer the best plastic surgery? We can’t say for sure, but it is a fact that it houses the most number of clinics in all of South Korea. Chances are, you’ll find a reputable and experienced surgeon in a decent clinic right here. Not all of its traditional and cultural aspects has morphed with the times, however, with many sweet sights to see, from ancient palaces, to temples and majestic mountains to climb.


All About Korean Plastic Surgery on Eye Bag

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korean plastic surgery on eye bagOne of the most recent trends is the Korean plastic surgery on eye bag. The procedure is intended for people who wish to have bigger looking eyes, and one of the most efficient ways to do that is to make the eye bags bigger. Many people who do not wish to undergo full surgery are currently using a special kind of sticky plastic underneath their eyes in order to create the eye bag effect. However, while this sticky plastic is effective to a certain extent, it can be quite annoying to constantly have to use it, which is where Asian eyelid surgery comes in to fix the problem and give the patient bigger looking eyes.

Why do people do this?

There is a general consensus in Korean that bags underneath the eyes make a person look more youthful. However, make no mistake; they are not referring to the blue eye bag you get when you haven’t had enough sleep. The eye bags that they are talking about are the cute ones you get from smiling, which really can make someone’s face look friendlier. Korean plastic surgery on eye bag aims to give the face a fresh and friendly goal through the use of a simple procedure.

How is it done?

The surgery for the youthful eye bag can be done in two ways. The first is to make a small incision into the muscle structure of the area, which would create a small eye bag. Another way to have this done is to add some fat to the eye bag by removing the fat from other parts of the body. This type of lateral canthoplasty is currently a very popular trend in Korea, and both men and women are undergoing the procedure.

It is human nature to wish to change their appearance in a way that will make them feel the most beautiful, and this Korean plastic surgery on eye bag is no different. Some people do it with makeup, while others undergo more serious procedures, but the final goal is always to have the look that you feel fits you best.

Korean plastic surgery pre-operation preparations also apply for this type of procedure, and they should certainly be followed according to the doctor’s instructions at all times. It is very important that the patient follows all of the doctor’s instructions, because this will help the operation run smoothly, and will also help the patient with the recovery time. There is expected to be some swelling right after the operation, but it should go down in a couple of weeks, after which patients can resume their everyday activities.

Many people will argue that Korean men and women are beautiful as they are and that they do not need any surgery. This is certainly true, but people have the right to adjust their bodies however they think will make them feel their best. Even the smallest procedure can have a huge impact on someone’s self-esteem.

Korean Nose Plastic Surgery and Other Korean Styled Surgeries Popular with China Students

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korean nose plastic surgeryCosmetic surgeons are a dime a dozen in Seoul, with just about hundreds of clinics populating the affluent Gangnam district as well as scattered about other parts of South Korea. The country is a delight to visit, especially for all things beauty-related. Notwithstanding the number of horrible cases that have also arose from their cosmetic surgery industry, up to date plastic surgery statistics show that the country has done the most number of cosmetic surgery procedures in the world.

Between the years 2008 to 2012, many of South Korea’s tourists visiting the metropolitan cities have come from Asia. The buzz surrounding this idea is exemplified by the news that more Chinese than Americans enter the country for beauty purposes. Is this true?  If we look into figures from the Korea Health Industry Development Institute, the answer is yes – well, at least in the year 2012 with 32,503 tourists coming from China.

Reshaping the body and face hurts. But as the saying goes, you win some and you lose some. Thanks to the South Korean pop culture boom, fans don’t just admire the talent, but envy their beloved celebrities for their pretty boy and picture perfect girl looks. According to an insight from Xinhua, a China newspaper, getting plastic surgery in Korea or rather, Korean-styled surgeries is becoming a hot summer trend among students in China.

As the Xinhua insight goes, “The country’s ‘correction’ and ‘alteration’ industry gained attention when the Xijing Cosmetic Surgery Hospital in Xi’an, capital of northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, was reported last week to have received more than 400 clients daily since the beginning of July, double the amount of the pre-holiday period. Students account for over 80 percent of the total, according to Sun Feng, a surgeon with the hospital.”

It goes further to say, “Many tout their ‘reshaping’ ads, particularly the ‘ROK(Republic of Korea)-style’ surgeries, with images of ROK pop stars to lure students (…)”

Here’s some food for thought: are these ROK styled eye, nose or facial plastic surgeries the same as the Korean nose plastic surgery done in South Korea? What are your thoughts? Would you get a ROK-style also known as Korean styled surgery in China or in Korea? Comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Finding the Best Doctor for Apgujeong Plastic Surgery

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apgujeong plastic surgeryAnyone who wishes to undergo plastic surgery needs to first consider the doctor that they will turn to for support. Apgujeong plastic surgery is one of the most popular places in the world for such procedures, but it still requires additional research for finding the right clinic for the job. There are various medical tourism destinations that people go to for the perfect doctor, but before you do such a thing, you will need to know what to look for in your doctor.

Top qualities for a good doctor and a good clinic

When you are undergoing any type of surgery you need to be sure that you will be taken care of properly and that you will receive everything you need to make a safe and quick recovery. Apgujeong plastic surgery may be one of the most popular destinations, but even that area has a variety of options. When you have chosen your type of cosmetic surgery in Korea, the first thing you need to do is look for a clinic that specialises in that particular procedure. Although plastic surgeons understand the procedure of plastic surgery for almost every body part, they still specialise in certain areas on an individual level. A doctor who has experience in hundreds of nose procedures but only a dozen for eye procedures will obviously be more qualified for the nose ones. This is how you need to narrow down your search as well. Plastic surgeries are not something that you can do every day, and although most of them are very much reversible, there is no need to put yourself through the process more times than you need to.

How to check for these qualities

Even when you think that you have found the right clinic and the right doctor, you will still need a way to check this information and make sure that you are on the right track. Apgujeong plastic surgery includes a huge number of qualified doctors, and yet, because you are look for the right amount of experience and good results, you will need to find a way to sift through your initial choices. One way to go about this is to look for relevant research that the doctor has contributed to their area of expertise. You can look for the doctor’s name in medical journals where you will also find reviews from readers. Look for previous patients, or ask people if they know someone who has also undergone a procedure at the doctor that you wish to go to. Make sure that you ask them as many questions as possible, and get to know the negative sides of the procedure as well as the positive ones.

No one is perfect, and you will always find flaws in people if you are looking for them, but you really should choose a doctor with as few flaws as possible. Plastic surgery in Asia
may be a well developed niche, but it should still be approached with caution and only when you as the patient have confidence both in yourself and your doctor.

South Korea Plastic Surgery: The Pain of Recovery

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south korea plastic surgery


A few decades ago, the Asian culture can be said to be more conservative, shying away from taboo subjects and ‘vain’ endeavours. Now, it’s a different story. The latest plastic surgery statistics show that South Korea ranks first, in terms of the most number of procedures done (per 1,000 population). Also, the country’s fellow Asian counterpart, Chinese tourists are flocking towards South Korea for plastic surgery vacations.

In 2012, more than 32,000 tourists had hailed from China alone.

But what about surgery trends? The answer has also been found: when it comes to South Korea plastic surgery, while many requested procedures fall under “skin and hair”, facial reconstructing is near the top of the list, as well. 

Beauty ideals fluctuate and change within the years, but some things never change; neotenous features in women are seen as highly desirable by both men and women. The Asian beauty ideal that everyone seems to gravitate towards is that of having big, distinctively lidded eyes, fair skin, a defined nose, a slim body and a smaller jawline. Not surprisingly, those traits are aligned with neotenous features! 

Unfortunately, all this comes at a price. A lot of pain, a whole lot of pain. You can watch the video of an Asian women, Jessica Choi as she shares her journey, here: the pain of recovery.

Whoever said beauty is pain, well, they’re right. Would you undergo extreme surgery for the sake of beauty? Comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts.