Plastic Surgery Statistics

Written by Chelsea Kim on . Posted in Korean Plastic Surgery

Do you like pictures? We love pictures! Here, we have a lovely info-graphic on Global Plastic Surgery Statistics.
If you have ever been curious to know where South Korea stands in terms of face, fat, breast, skin and face, as well as procedures for the rest of the body, you can find them all here!


World Plastic Surgery Statistics

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  • chinchin

    !! This is amazing

    • pudding cake

      it’s so cute~

  • Chloe Lii

    so Korea is very advance in plastic surgery hey?

  • Weichen Tan

    wow is so pretty :]

  • Gina Lee

    hahha korea is not #1 for breast surgery or rest of body… mostly face, skin & hair? is it true that asian value facial beauty more?