The Influence of Korean Stars Plastic Surgery

Written by Chelsea Kim on . Posted in Korean Plastic Surgery

Korean stars plastic surgeryThe world today is becoming increasingly focused on physical appearance. There are millions and millions of cosmetic surgeries that are done every year around the world–a true testament of society’s increasing fixation on visual image. And this trend and culture phenomenon cannot be more evident than what is seen in Korean stars plastic surgery.

The K-pop, K-drama, and K-movies phenomenon has taken over not only South Korea, but the world as well. While Korean stars become famous for their quirky acting and catchy tunes, they are also very distinct because of their physical appearances. Females have flawless white porcelain skin, large round eyes, and tiny rounded chins. Korean male stars usually have rock solid abs, smooth skin, and boyish features–the perfect combination of masculinity and youthfulness.

With more and more groups and TV shows popping out of the entertainment industry, more Korean stars are being produced every day. And since beauty serves as a social barometer of success in the country, many of these stars have to compete for the limelight. Natural beauty and talent are no longer enough to make them stand out among a sea of celebrities. Thus, the proliferation of Korean stars plastic surgery has become commonplace. It is actually considered newsworthy if you hear of a Korean celebrity who has not had any Korean plastic surgery done. Top Korean stars plastic surgery are double eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty or nose surgery, and jaw reduction surgery.

In previous years, many Korean stars have denied getting work done on them, even until today. However, more and more Korean celebrities have admitted to medically enhancing their looks. Even 2012′s Miss Korea Kim Yu-Mi has admitted that her looks aren’t 100% natural. She admits that she wasn’t born beautiful and had to resort to Korean plastic surgery on a few of her features to achieve her flawless face and body.

Other Korean stars that openly admit to having something done is actress Park Min Young who admitted to having double eyelid surgery in junior high and nose surgery thereafter. She is known for her goddess like beauty and although this has disappointed some of her fans, celebrities like her have contributed to the rise of plastic surgery in Korea. Girl group Brown Eyed Girls have also admitted to having plastic surgery and they are proud of Korean stars that are honest about it.

These admissions by famous Korean celebrities have influenced and encouraged their fans to undergo the knife in the hopes of looking like their famous idols. Korean celebrities and plastic surgery go hand in hand and it has become something that fans have embraced. Flocks of men and women head to surgeons, carrying with them photos of their favorite celebrities, wanting to have their features.

Since most K-pop fans are in their teens, many teenagers in Korea, both girls and boys, have had some form of cosmetic surgery or would like to have them, if they had the money. When they see their classmates come to school with enhanced features and looking like their idols, it entices them to follow the same path. Because of this, more and more young individuals have fallen into the promise and hopes of looking like their famous Korean star idols through cosmetic surgeries.