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Licensed Medical Tourism Agency in Korea

Seoul TouchUp is a government-approved medical tourism agency in Korea. We are one of the few government-approved medical tourism agencies in South Korea.

Over the years, Seoul TouchUp has rewritten the definition of 'medical travel agency'. Being a full one-stop medical service provider, now, we are also a "beauty consulting & tourism company" for those who want to come to South Korea for cosmetic plastic surgery.

Beauty Consulting? Why is it needed?

Having plastic surgery should be your once-in-your-life decision and let professionals guide you to make it more perfect. It is definitely not the simplest of decisions to make, even more so when there is an abundance of plastic surgery clinics and agencies sprawled throughout Korea claiming to be the "best". Which one really lives up to its name, which will you trust and go forward with your decision? Well. How did we help more than hundreds of clients for the past years?

Enter the SEND approach.

Seoul TouchUp's SEND Approach

Safe -Medical tourism comes with its risks. We will stand for you and speak for you even in unexpected situations when you are here in Korea.

Easy - Save time and worry by entrusting your life-changing beauty trip to the experts, we will aid you on your search for the best of the best.

Not expensive - Take advantage of our affordable packages. You can find your money's worth with our reasonable prices.

Dedicated - You are not going to be here, alone. Our medical tourism coordinators will be guiding you, in and out of the clinics.

Likewise, we can help you to access the right medical practitioners and doctors, give advise on the best possible route to take, identify fair and unfair prices -- so you won't be getting the short end of the stick!

We combine leisure and peaceful recuperation in your complete anonymity as you will be away from the pressures of daily life. Let Seoul TouchUp guide you in a seamless, hassle-free management where we will care for you from the start to finish of your trip.

What You Can Get Out of Seoul TouchUp

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Seoul TouchUp is Supported by

  • KHIDI - Officially registered at the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI)
  • Medical Korea - Korean Medical Tourism Association
  • KTO - Medical Tourism Partnership with the Korean Tourism Organization
  • Ministry of Health & Welfare - Seoul TouchUp is approved by the Ministry of Health & Welfare
  • KIPO -The Seoul TouchUp name and logo are protected by Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO)

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