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Why Plastic surgery in Korea is so popular? It is mainly because of Korea's fantastic Advanced Face Contouring surgery. Indeed, face reduction and reshaping are the highlights of Korean cosmetic surgery, capturing attention from around the world. Korean plastic surgeons have been proud of the fact that plastic surgeons from around the world have come to Korea to learn the secrets of advanced face contouring surgery. However, since this surgery requires the highest level of expertise, you must double and triple make sure everything is seamlessly arranged. Here are the most popular face contouring surgeries in Korea.

Face contouring wasn't born as a cosmetic surgery, but rather was reconstructive surgery for unfortunate incidents. For the last decade, however, Korean plastic surgeons have tried various surgical techniques to create a more beautiful look, and trained themselves to make it as natural as possible. Perhaps it all started from a small delicate procedure like eyelid surgery but Koreans' natural tendency towards perfection lead to some over-the-top surgery like double jaw surgery. The good news is that we now have more than enough proven before-after cases and makeover TV show celebrities or Cinderellas who can attest to Korean plastic surgery. Of course, not all Korean doctors are excellent at face contouring, and some are even hyped due to their appearances on TV. Face contouring is a once-in-life-time surgery and make sure to have enough talk with your plastic surgeon to check if your expectations can be met. One thing is for sure. You can now safely have word's best face contouring here in South Korea.

Advanced Face Contouring Cost

This really depends on your surgery plan. Please check the general price range of plastic surgery in Korea.

Usually, customers spend between USD$12,000-$20,000 for face contouring. Many also combine it with eyelid and nose surgery during their trip. Chances are that doctors would recommend cheekbone and jawbone together for the sake of harmony, so talk to one of Seoul TouchUp medical coordinators in this regard.

Advanced Face Contouring Quick Facts

Quick Facts Double Check
Hospitalisation Yes. 100%. Usually you are required to stay for the night after surgery and some even stay longer. What's most important is you recover fast and eat properly after surgery.
Stitch Removal Day 10-14 days. It is great to know that stitches will be all made inside your mouth, which means there won't be any cut or scar on your face. 14 days will be enough for most face contouring procedures.
Anaesthesia General Anaesthesia. 100%. Keep in mind that you are healthy enough to go under general anaesthesia. The checkup will be all done in South Korea before surgery. A dedicated anaesthesiologist will be in the surgery room next to you during the whole procedure.
How long is the operation? From surgery preparation to recovery, it would normally take 2.5 - 5 hours. Your doctor and nurses will be assisting you throughout the day and night till you are fully back to normal.

Advanced Face Contouring Recovery

Surprisingly, recovery for face contouring is relatively faster than other plastic surgery. (of course, except double jaw surgery) It is because facial bones and tissues are in large part different from bones and tissues of our body. Even compared to face augmentation, bone reduction procedures require less downtime. Usually young or healthy people recover faster, and it would take at least 1-3 months for most of the swelling to disappear, and 12 months to look natural. What's difficult is eating. Since incisions are made inside your month and some impact was done along your jawbone or cheekbone, eating won't be convenient for 2-4 weeks. During this period, you are advised to eat soft foods at a lukewarm temperature. It is also a common sense to avoid any impactful sports for at least 1-3 months.

1. Cheekbone reduction in Korea

Plump cheeks are beautiful but when there is too much protrusion on the sides, they may look unappealing and masculine. You can consider zygoma reduction or cheekbone reduction for this case. It is true that some customers are adding implants to give more volume to the cheeks but those implants are inserted at the front of the face, not on the sides. In South Korea, cheekbone reduction is often combined with V-line surgery, and this will create a more soft and warm looking face. Self-testing for cheekbone protrusion is that you touch your cheekbone from the side, and if you can feel a protruded line between your nostril and ear. For cheekbone reduction, incisions are made inside your mouth but if the protrusion is too extreme, incisions can be made next to your sideburns.

2. Chin Advancement Surgery in Korea

Chin advancement surgery sits in the zone between double jaw surgery and chin implants. Chin Advancing surgery is for those who are afraid of having double jaw surgery and looking for a more permanent solution than chin implants. A decade ago, the only solution for a weak chin was adding an implant or simple dermal fillers. Chin advancement surgery has been available for us to correct this problem permanently. Seoul TouchUp finds that customers are especially happy with their side profile after chin advancement surgery. A handsome chin may allow you to give a stronger impression on others and to have more confidence in your business environment.

3. Square Jawbone Reduction in Korea

Square Jawbone reduction is perhaps the most well-known facial contouring surgeries of all. In South Korea, square jawbone surgery was the first face contouring surgery that doctors mastered, and this is why you can find numerous specialists for square jawbone surgery in Korea. If you have square jawbone, you look masculine and strong. Some men prefer to have this type of look but it is less desirable among women. In Korea, for square jawbone surgery, plastic surgeons make incisions inside your mouth, so there won't be any cut or scar on the face.

4. V-line Surgery in Korea

Here is a formula that can help you understand Korea's unique "V-line Surgery". V-line surgery = Jawbone rasping + Chin Reshaping (T-shape method). Some people might think that having a V-shape face isn't always beautiful, but in Korea and China, V-line shape face is seen as the most beautiful shape. You can of course select the degree of "V-line"-ness with your plastic surgeon in Korea, so you don't need to worry too much about having a too sharp-looking face. As you might have guessed, V-line surgery was invented and perfected in South Korea. This surgery is ideal for those who doesn't have square jaw but still hope to make the face shape less dull. Seoul TouchUp also learned that V-line surgery customers are happy with a more sharp and sexy look after surgery. You can also check if this surgery is suitable for your specific case.

5. Double Jaw Surgery or Two Jaw Surgery in Korea

Double Jaw surgery is the most advanced plastic surgery and can be seen as the pinnacle of Korean plastic surgery. Double jaw surgery is in many ways very different from other face contouring surgeries. First of all, downtime is longer. You will have to stay in Korea for at least 30 days for surgery, and have to visit the clinic once in every month for 6 months. It simply means that you need at least 1 year to spare and lie low for double jaw surgery. Who are the best candidate for double jaw surgery though? Those with a big protruding chin, or protruding mouth would have no choice but opt for double jaw surgery. Since double jaw surgery also gives complete freedom for doctors to shift upper and lower jaw back and forth, some doctors sneakily suggest double jaw surgery even for those who don't have any jaw problems. You must understand surgical risks that double jaw surgery carries. Make sure you have a through consultation with your surgeon before you make your final decision.

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