Alar Base Reduction (Nostril Reduction) Surgery

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1.What is it?

It is well known that many Asians have to contend with flaring and wide nostrils. Alar base reduction surgery can be a great solution for them, as it is performed to reduce the width of the nose and the nostrils themselves.

2.Who needs it?

The procedure of alar base reduction surgery is ideal for men or women who have wide nasal bases that do not blend well with the rest of the face. This surgery goes hand-in-hand with the nasal tip + bridge enhancement surgery to achieve overall harmony of the nose.

3.Surgery Procedure

In alar base reduction surgery, an incision is made at the alar facial junction (outer part of your nostril), which is located between the cheek and the nose wall. Your surgeon will carefully relocate the junction towards the center of the nasal base, which will result in narrower, less flared nostrils.