• Sally

    You have such a negative/narrow-minded attitude in most of your articles.

    Also, “Having round wide eyes is considered to be a standard of beauty for women across the globe”? Have you travelled and lived through every single society throughout the entire world? You probably have only been exposed by a select few parts of the world’s beauty standards (mass-exposed to American/white beauty standards because they have been in control of the media), so open your mind and realize that NO, just because we have been exposed to only specific mindsets of specific parts of the world, does NOT mean they are representatives of the globe.

    Not to mention, it’s pretty disappointing to hear negative assertions such as, “The remaining 75%, UNFORTUNATELY have the monolids, or the lack of the eyelid crease.”

    No explanation needed to why this sentence is just disgusting.

    We should all be empowering one another and admit that we have been brainwashed by the media, and that beauty can be achieved to its fullest potential WITHOUT making single-crease eyelids into double-creases through cosmetic surgery.
    Don’t be ashamed of what you were born with. Embrace it, and help change others’ attitude as well.