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Why would I need breast augmentation in Korea in the first place? If you are asking this question right now, you first want to understand that breast implants is a special kind of cosmetic surgery. In essence, breast augmentation is different from facial cosmetic surgery. While facial surgery changes the way you are, breast augmentation transforms the way you dress and behave. Certainly, men are more sexually attracted to women with fuller breasts, and it is one of those surgeries that "completes" you. In South Korea, breast augmentation is pretty common, and there are plenty of breast specialists who can meet your surgical needs. Korean doctors especially excel in minimizing scars and making the result as natural-looking as possible. Breast augmentation also comes with its own risks.
A breast implant is a material that goes inside your body, and you need to keep in mind that it is not a "permanent" surgery, also may affect your breastfeeding. However, if you believe that the pros overweight the cons, read on, and consider Korea as your potential destination for your breast augmentation.


Breast Augmentation Cost in Korea

USD$6000-$8000 for regular breast implants in Korea. Of course, there are other clinics/doctors charging more, and also charging less. It would depend on your breast shape and condition. For example, if your breasts need breast-lift, the total price will increase a bit more. If you choose to go for fat transfer to breasts, you will need to get it a couple of sessions. It will end up being more expensive in the end.

Breast Augmentation in Korea Quick Facts

Quick Facts Double Check
Hospitalization Yes. Although there are some breast augmentation techniques in Korea that don't require hospitalization, it is wise to stay overnight at the clinic. There will be some chest pain after surgery and it won't be easy to take that alone.
Stitch Removal Day 7-14 Days after surgery. It depends on where you choose to have your incision and your healing process. You will be going to the clinic 3-5 times and the removal day will be decided after your doctor check your breast condition.
Anesthesia General Anesthesia. Seoul TouchUp advise against clinics that offer breast implants under local anesthesia. As breast surgery and facial surgery are two different surgeries, the anaesthesia approach will be also different.
How long is the operation? 1.5 to 2 hours. Since general anaesthesia is used, the doctor will try best to complete the surgery as soon as he can. Of course, what's more important is safety and best results, so some doctors may take a longer time for breast augmentation.


1. Breast Implants in Korea

Doctors in Korea have fought to create natural looking breasts for Asian bodies. Since breast implants have gone through a series of evolutions, it is worthwhile to go over what breast implant types are available in South Korea. There are at large 3 popular types of breast implants that are widely used in Korea: Textured Teardrop Type, Textured Round Type and Smooth Round Type. Textured types are often called "gummy bear" implant in the west due to the feel of its texture. Those are all made of cohesive gel silicone, which are mostly US FDA approved. More breast implant information can be found here. But please note that outdated implants like saline implants are rarely used in Korea.

During consultation, you will know that there are pros and cons of each type, and there is no one set formula for everyone. However, since Korean plastic surgeons have a lot of experience with Asian bodies by world's standards, they will be able to suggest what's best for your case. They will mainly focus on the balance between the left and the right after 3D scanning your breasts and matching the size of your left breast and the right. Also, more sophisticated techniques such as breast lift + breast implants method and more often than not, Korean doctors will opt for endoscopic breast augmentation for minimal swelling and bruising. The most appropriate implant size for Asian women is between 125 cc and 250 cc.

2. Best Candidate for Breast Implants

Some women congenitally have small breasts and often get stressed about what to wear. Certainly, small breasts would make one less attractive and less womanly because breasts are really the symbolic feature of a woman's body. On the other hand, firm and full breasts can entirely transform the way you dress, allowing you to try more swimsuits, tank tops, dresses, gym clothes, etc. Getting a perfect fit would be now possible as they fill out the structure of your upper body. Furthermore, breast augmentation surgery can help inflate your ego, and you will become more attractive to the opposite sex, both subconsciously and consciously. If you are an Asian who are thinking of breast implants, there is certainly no other place like Korea where doctors have seen and done your type of breasts in the operating theatre.

3. Breast Implants Procedure

There are 4 incision points for breast implants : armpit, navel, areola (nipples), and underneath the breasts. Depending on your breast condition, your doctor will suggest which method is most ideal for your case. Usually though, incision through navel is only for some specific cases. If you are expecting to get pregnant in the future, the armpit approach or underneath the breasts approach will be preferred. If you want to miminize scarring, the areloa approach will be used. Either way, doctors' job is to make the result as natural-looking as possible and choose the best method for your unique case. It is to be understood that breast implants are not permanent, and sometimes, there is a chance of rippling or wrinkling, capsular contracture or breast hardening, and rupture of the breast implants. Also, you need to remember that you need to constantly massage your breasts to prevent hardening and unnaturalness, for about 6-12 months. Have a thorough talk with your surgeon in Korea and understand the risks before you make a final decision.


1. Fat Transfer to Breasts in Korea

The idea of fat transfer to breasts is intuitively wonderful : transferring fat from unwanted area to wanted area. However, it is really just an idea because putting into practice is more difficult that you think because of your fat survival rate after transfer. In general, 50% of fat dies and 50% of fat survives after fat grafting and this is why you would need a couple of sessions to increase survival rate on your breasts. Also, your left breast might absorb more fat than your right, so there is a chance of them ending up being uneven. This is why In South Korea, doctors have innovated fat transferring technology in the last decade. Stem cell fat transfer to breasts is an upgrade version of regular fat transfer.

2. Best Candidate for Fat Transfer to Breasts

Fat transfer to breasts is not for skinny people because there isn't enough fat to transfer in the first place. However, those who think their thighs or belly are unusually fat can think about this option. You also need to understand that fat transfer to breasts is also not permanent, but presents better natural looking breasts than breast implants since it is coming from your own body. More importantly, fat grafting to breasts is ideal for those who are afraid of getting breast implants. Some women are against having something inside their body. Since they are not really comfortable with breast implants, fat transfer is a perfect option for them.

3. Fat Transfer to Breasts Procedure

Your plastic surgeon in Korea will first extract fat from your thigh or belly. This is part of liposuction process so you can look into having 2 surgeries together to lower surgery costs. If you opt for stem cell fat transfer to breasts, you will need to wait 3-5 hours for stem cell cultivation. After that, the doctor will use dozens of syringes to add extracted fat to breast's fat layer. More fat is better for this case, so make sure that you talk to doctor to add as much as he can for the session. You will have to repeat this process 2-5 times to maximize surgery results. This is why in the end, fat transfer to breasts can be more expensive than breast implants. Since there are pros and cons for each type of breast augmentation, check which is the right one for you during your in-person consultation in Korea.

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