Breast Surgery in Korea

Before Korean plastic surgery captured the world's attention, Koreans believed that Breast Augmentation was only for people in the west. Maybe Korean girls did not want to have large and unnatural looking breasts that Pamela Anderson carried. It was one of the last ones on their touchup do-to list because Korean ladies believed that breast surgery results would come out too obvious. However, that has changed after celebrities and advocates started showing off their plump and natural looking breasts on TV and the Internet. Over the years, Korean breast specialists have developed surgery techniques that fit your body while minimizing scars and bleeding. Because of this, South Korea has experienced a surge in number of customers, and many of them are Asians. From Singapore customers who want doctors with more experience, to Asian Americans who desire to have bigger breasts that look natural and harmonious now fly to South Korea for breast surgery.

Breast Augmentation
Breast Reduction

Certainly breast surgery is different from facial surgery in the sense that breast surgery can help a woman become look more feminine and fashionable. Between Breast Augmentation (making it big) and Breast Reduction (making it small), there is an ultimate rule called "balance". Since the left and right balance is crucial, Korean breast specialists will always customize your specific case and combine various surgery techniques for the case. As breast augmentation is becoming more commonplace among women in their 20's and 30's in Korea, more clinics jumped on the bandwagon and achieved more hands-on experience than any other nation in the world. In addition, Korean breast surgeons have focused and developed other breast surgery like breast reduction and breast reconstruction, for which doctors in Singapore and Taiwan come to Korea to learn the magical skills. As the media often claims, just like that, Korea is becoming the centre of plastic surgery in the world.

Choosing the Best Breast Surgeon in Korea

Looking for the best breast plastic surgeon in Korea can be overwhelming because "Who is the best?" is an incomplete question. Rather, "Who is best for my specific case?" is the complete question and the answer will vary depending on your breast situation. Seoul TouchUp generally recommends facilities with proper general anaesthesia instruments and 3D Breast Scanning equipments, and doctors with at least 5 years of experience. There are various techniques for breast augmentation and breast reduction and they will be decided during your in-person consultation. During consultation in Korea, you can visually picture what shape and size your breasts would become through 3D Breast Scanning analysis. Seoul TouchUp recommends you to spend enough time with your surgeon in Korea, so you don't have any surprise after you wake up in the operating therater.

Top 5 Breast Surgery in Korea FAQ

1.How long should I stay in Korea for my Breast Surgery in Korea?

In almost all cases, (except breast reconstruction) you will be required to stay 7-14 days in Korea. You will be going for clinic checkups at least 3 times for breast augmentation and a couple of times more for breast reduction. For the first couple of day after surgery, you will be needing extra help as moving around is a bit tough. During 2 weeks, you will be given medicine to reduce the change of infection, and as well as pain.

2.How much does Korean Breast Surgery cost?

Breast surgery in Korea is relatively expensive than other surgeries. As for breast augmentation, USD$6,000-$8,000, and breast reduction and breast reconstruction for $8,000-$12,000. Breast Augmentation's price will depend on the type of breast implants and the difficulty of the surgery. It is usually cheaper in total when you add other body contouring surgeries to your surgery plan. A popular combination is, for example, liposuction around your armpit and back.

3. When will it get natural after having breast augmentation?

Your breast getting natural and being able to resume normal activities are two different things. Although your chest might feel tight for 2-3 weeks, you will be able to resume your life 2 weeks after surgery. You will be advised to avoid any strenuous activities for 1-2 months, and after that first recovery phase, you will be able to wear your swimsuit with no problem. Your breasts will start to get natural after 3 months and almost seamlessly natural throughout the year.

4.Can I have other facial surgeries at the same time?

Yes and No. Although you "can" have both breast and facial surgeries on the same day, Seoul TouchUp suggests that you take another day for your facial surgery. You will be exhausted after breast surgery and it would be very difficult to manage face and breasts at the same time during recovery. It is also not good to be under general anaesthesia for a long period of time. Please have a talk in more detail with your surgeon or surgeons in Korea for the best surgery schedule.

5.Will Korean breast surgery leave scars?

Yes but scars will fade over time. For most cases, Breast Surgery incision sites are 1.underneath your breasts 2.around your nipples 3.under your armpits. Although there are methods that can minimize or hide scars, scars will be left on the incision site. This is where Korean doctors especially shine. After discussing the method with your surgeon in Korea, you will choose your incision method. In order to minimize scars and swelling, Korean surgeons make minimal incisions (2-3cm) with endoscopic breast surgery approach.

Top 3 Types & Ideal Breast Shape

Plump and firm breasts always catch men's attention and can give a glamorous impression at first sight. Perhaps what's more important is beautiful breasts will permit women to be more fashionable with various types of clothes. These are some of the breast types that Seoul TouchUp identified. If your breasts are like one of the images down below, you are a candidate for breast surgery.

1.Small Breasts


2.Saggy Breasts


3.Small and Saggy Breasts


4.Asymmetrical Breasts


5.Too Big of Breasts


6.Small or Too Big of Nipples


Breast Augmentation & Implants

Breast Augmentation Before After
Breast Augmenation

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery Before and After
Breast Reduction