Calf Reduction Surgery

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1.What is it?

Compared to Caucasians, Asians have relatively short legs and muscled calves. In South Korea, plastic surgeons have mastered the skills to slim down these protruding calves. Since this is one of the most serious cosmetic procedures, it is very important to consult with doctors who specialize in calf reduction surgery.

2.Who needs it?

Calf reduction surgery can benefit those who are stressed by larger than normal calves. You may be a good candidate if you avoid wearing skirts, short pants or swimming suits. Because of your thick calves, you might look shorter than you actually are. Slender and smooth legs can help you look taller and allow you to confidently keep up to date with fashion trends as they happen.

3.Surgery Procedure

It is a widely held misconception that calves are fat when in fact, they are mostly solid muscle. There are numerous options available for calf reduction but most of them are temporary solutions such as Botox treatments and massage therapy. If you are looking for a permanent solution, your surgeon will recommend partial muscle resection surgery known as Korea’s calf reduction surgery. During the procedure, your surgeon will remove or burn up to 60% of the muscle in your calves, which has been proven to be the safe and ideal ratio for the slimming of the legs.