Cosmetic Gum Sculpting (Gum Contouring Surgery)

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1.What is it?

Gum sculpting (or gum contouring surgery) is to make a more beautiful smile by reshaping your gum. This surgery can rearrange uneven gum lines, level down your protruding gum, and can even treat discolored gum to make it more pinkish in color. It is known that this technique is developed largely by Korean dentists for cosmetic purposes.

2.Who needs it?

You are a good candidate if you are stressed about your short-looking teeth, which expose a large portion of your gum when you smile (gummy smile). You may also consider having this procedure if you consciously cover your mouth when you smile or laugh.

3.Surgery Procedure

Korean dentists will use lasers to perform the gum reshaping procedure. They first measure the length and width of the gum lines, and find the ideal ratio for each individual’s smile. During the procedure, the doctor will even out the irregular pattern of your gum and adjust the alveolar bones (the parts that protect your teeth underneath the gum).