Double Eyelid Surgery

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Double eyelid surgery is perhaps the most common cosmetic surgery in South Korea. Upon initial consultation, your doctor will recommend the type of double eyelid fold surgery for you. The three most prominent types are:

Full Incision Method

1. What is it?

The full incision method is the most common type of double eyelid fold surgery in South Korea. The procedure is famous for producing the most natural look for the long-term. It is considered to be the best technique to permanently reshape the eyes.

2. Who needs it?

Among the three methods, the full incision method can bring about the most satisfying double eyelids in the long-term, although it takes a longer time to look natural. People who are in their 20s or 30s will benefit most from this procedure as it will become unnoticeably natural over time.

3. Surgery Procedures

Excessive fat, muscle and skin can be removed simultaneously through the full incision procedure. As this double eyelid fold surgery removes and reconfigures the entire tissue of the eyelid, your surgeon will extend the line of the eyelid beyond the last third of the eye to create a more natural look.

Buried Sutures Method

1.What is it?

The buried sutures method is a non-invasive, non-incision method used to create natural looking double eyelids. This method of double eyelid fold surgery was very popular years ago as it was one of the first procedures to create folds.

2.Who needs it?

You might be a good candidate if you have been using “double eyelid tape” to lift the eyelids. Because of your thin eyelid skin, from time to time, you may get double eyelids depending on your skin condition. For these candidates, this non-incision method can be a good option.

3.Surgery Procedures

Small sutures are knotted above the eyes to create the folds. There are various types of loops that can be used for the knots. An added benefit is that it is possible to go back to the original state of the eyes even after the double eyelid fold surgery has been completed.

Partial Incision Method

1. What is it?

The partial incision method is an alternative to buried sutures and full incision methods. When this method of double eyelid fold surgery was first introduced, people believed it to be more effective than the full incision method because of its smaller, less noticeable scars. However, plastic surgeons in South Korea now use the full incision method for most double eyelid surgeries as they have mastered minimization of scars.

2. Who needs it?

The procedure  is ideal for those who have thin eyelid skin and for those who desire a shorter recovery period than what is necessary with the full-incision method. You will likely be a good candidate for this procedure of double eyelid fold surgery if you have droopy looking eyes with thin monolids.

3. Surgery Procedures

Small incisions are made in segments along the eyelid to lessen the fat and skin tissues. In this procedure of double eyelid fold surgery, the double eyelid lines extend up to the last third of the eyes, as opposed to the full incision method where the lines go beyond the last third of the eyes.