Canthoplasty: Epicanthoplasty & Lateral Canthoplasty

Epicanthoplasty and Lateral Canthoplasty are like helpers that complete eyelid surgery. Epicanthoplasty helps shape inner corner part of the eyes whereas Lateral canthoplasty helps shape outer corner part of the eyes. These surgeries were originally performed to repair eyelid dysfunction in the West but Korean plastic surgeons have made it more of a "cosmetic surgery". The two canthoplasty surgeries serve different goals in Korea, one is to correct small and sleepy eyes -epicanthoplasty (inner eyelid surgery) and the other is to develop a softer look in eyes - lateral canthoplasty (outer eyelid surgery).

Epicanthoplasty and Lateral Canthoplasty Surgery Cost

USD$800-$1500 consecutively: It is helpful to note that having canthoplasty surgeries alone is rare in Korea. Since this surgery performs like a "helper" to upper eyelid surgery, the price will be less expensive with a combination with other eyelid surgeries. (Check the cost of other Korean plastic surgery procedures)

Epicanthoplasty Eyelid Surgery Quick Facts

Quick Facts Double Check
Hospitalization Not at all. Epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty are rather simple surgery but having this surgery alone is a bit rare. You need at least 1-2 hours to cool down your eyes at the clinic before you are allowed to leave.
Stitch Removal Day 5-7 days for epicanthoplasty, and 7-10 Days for lateral canthoplasty. Of course, the stitch removal day depends on the the thickness of your skin and the speed of your recovery. It is absolutely necessary not to rub your eyes during recovery.
Anesthesia Local Anesthesia & Sedation. You will be sedated for 3-5 mins while you get a local anesthesia injection around your eyes to eliminate pain. During surgery, you will be awake and communicate with the doctor.
How long is the operation? Less than 30 mins. Please note that this is relatively a simple surgery and can be finished within 30 min. However, chances are that you will add other eyelid surgeries on top of your epicanthoplasty or canthoplasty.

Epicanthoplasty and Lateral Canthoplasty Surgery Recovery

Canthoplasty surgeries will take a shorter time than eyelid surgeries to get natural, at least 2-4 weeks. However, recovery for epicanthoplasty and recovery for lateral canthoplasty are different from other upper eyelid surgeries because of its possibility of leaving scars. Doctors in Korea mastered minimizing scars for canthoplasty surgeries, but lateral canthoplasty will still leave a faint yet not-so-obvious scar where incision is made. Epicanthoplasty also can leave a light white scar at the inner corner of the eyes. Although those scars are not really noticeable, it is important to have the right expectations. Everyone's eye tissue structure is different and doctors expertise may play a major role here to customize the surgery in order to minimize scars.

1. Epicanthoplsty in Korea

Epicanthoplasty (aka inner corner eyelid surgery) is a very popular procedure for clients who wish to have bigger eyes. This surgery can also eliminate the Mongolian fold, which is prevalent among Koreans and Asians. Epicanthoplasty should be treated very delicately because inner eyelid is one of the sensitive parts in your eyes. In South Korea, it is very common to have epicanthoplasty in conjunction with double eyelid surgery to achieve a more natural look.
Blepharoplasty in Korea using customized incision techniques. Check more epicanthoplasty before and after photos.

2. Best Candidates for epicanthoplasty?

You may be a good candidate if your eyes look far apart. Also, if you don't like your eyes because they look so small in proportion to your face, epicanthoplasty can create good difference in overall looks. Epicanthoplasty will remove skin lids that are covering too much of your inner eyelids and this will result in more charismatic looking eyes.

3. Epicanthoplasty Procedure

Your plastic surgeon will calculate how wide your inner eyelids to be cut according to the shape of your eyes, and incisions will be made at the inner corner of the eyelids. Usually, upper eyelid surgery is done before epicanthoplasty in order to create great symmetry in the inner eyelids. As a result, it will sharpen the edges of the eyes, and reshape the horizontal length of the eyes.

1. Lateral Canthoplsty in Korea

Lateral Canthoplasty (aka outer corner eyelid surgery) is less popular than epicanthoplasty in Korea because of its possibility of leaving scars. Also, lateral canthoplasty is not for everyone in the sense that there are some specific types of eye shapes that are eligible for it. South Korean plastic surgeons will choose the most ideal lateral canthoplasty methods according to your eye shape and plastic surgeons in Korea are maybe the most experienced in this surgery as they have tried hard to master it.
Blepharoplasty in Korea using customized incision techniques. Check more lateral epicanthoplasty before and after photos.

2. Best Candidates for Lateral Canthoplasty?

If you just desire to have bigger eyes, for the most part, epicanthoplasty will be enough for you. Seoul TouchUp has learned that lateral canthoplasty can be operated successfully when the tail of your eyes (outer corner) is pointing upward. This type of eyes tend to create kind of an angry look, which might leave a negative impression on others against your will. For this specific cases, lateral canthoplasty is often suggested.

3. Lateral Canthoplasty Procedure

The procedure will make incisions at the outer corner of the eyelids and skillfully reposition the tails of the outer eyelids. Since symmetry is a must in every case, usually, upper or lower eyelid surgery is operated before lateral canthoplasty.

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