Eyelid Surgery in Korea

The popularity of cosmetic eyelid surgery has soared throughout Asia in the last decade. Exposure to Western culture, fashion and style has been one of the main catalysts fueling the desire for larger looking eyes. In particular, double eyelid fold surgery has become one of the most requested and common cosmetic procedures for Asian women. (Check plastic surgery trends in Korea) The most popular types of Korean eye surgery procedures are:

Double Eyelid Surgery Canthoplasty Blepharoplasty Ptosis Correction Surgery

Perhaps what distinguishes Korean plastic surgery from other country's plastic surgery is eyelid surgery. In the past decade, South Korean plastic surgeons have fiercely competed with one another for new techniques in pursuit of natural-looking double eyelids. If you are an Asian looking to have eyelid surgery, South Korea is the right destination as plastic surgeons here understand the standard of beauty. It doesn't mean that they don't know how to operate on Caucasians. Their rich experience in various types of eyelid surgery will help understand your specific concerns and cases, and eventually allow you to reach your aesthetic goal. (Check why choose beauty belt in Gangnam, Seoul)

Best Korean Eyelid Surgery Before and After

Choosing the Best Eyelid Surgeon in Korea

Finding the best eyelid surgeon can be a bit tricky since every clinic will claim to have invented some special method. There are really a lot of Korean plastic surgeons and clinics that specialize in eyelid surgery in Korea. It will be very unpractical to quest after the "best" eyelid surgeon because every case is unique and methods are customized for each case. What is more important is if he/she can create harmony with the rest of the face and it looks naturally beautiful. As eye surgery in Korea is very common, you will find that most Korean directing surgeons are excellent in this speciality.

Top 5 Eyelid Surgery FAQ

1.How long should I stay in Korea for eye surgeries?

The best travel plan is to stay in Korea for 7 days including the arrival and departure day. For the most part, stitches are removed 5 days after surgery, and it is not a good idea to fly back before your stitches are removed.

2.How much does Korean eyelid surgery cost?

USD$2000-$4000 depending on the method and difficulty of your case. This is a price range of directing doctors who have at least 10 years of experience in Korea. (Check the cost of other Korean plastic surgery procedures)

3.How long does it take to get natural after having eyelid surgery?

Eye surgery usually take more time to get natural than other surgeries. 2 weeks after surgery, you will be okay to hang around and go to work without any swelling and bruises. However, looking natural in person will take about 1-3 months, and looking natural in photos will take about 6-12 months. Patience and a positive mind are quite often recommended.

4.I don't want any anesthesia solution for my eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgeries don't require general anesthesia (full sleep) but only local anesthesia. Before you get local anesthesia shots around your eyes, you will get sedated for 3-5 minutes to "forget" the pain from the shot. During surgery, doctors will ask you to open and close your eyes to perfect symmetry between eyes.

5.Will eyelid surgery leave scars?

In most cases, 3-6 months after surgery, scars begin to get highly invisible and eventually disappear little by little. Since it may depend on the doctors' ability experience to minimize scars, it is important to find a doctor with years of experience.

Top 5 Eyelid Types & Ideal Eye Shape

How would you identify your eyes? These types of eyes might need some correction - :)

1.Sleepy & Droopy Eyes

sleepy and droopy eyes

This type of eyes will make you look tired and lack of positive energy. It is likely that more than half of your iris is covered by your upper eyelid skin, and this might create a lazy and depressed look.

2.Asymmetrical Eyes

asymmetrical eyes

No one has the perfect asymmetry between left and right of the face. The more symmetrical your looks, the more beautiful people will identify you with.

3.Small Eyes

small eyes

Having small eyes can hamper you from leaving a strong impression. You may also feel that after taking yourself a picture, your face looks relatively bigger because of your small eyes.

4.Sunken & Hollow Eyes

sunken eyes

Sunken or hollow eyes make look older than you currently are. It also might make people think that you are sick and unhealthy.

5.Saggy Eyes

saggy eyes

As you get older, having saggy skin around your eyes is inevitable. However, you can correct this before it's too late by removing multi-layered upper eyelids and creating single and defined eyelids.

Double Eyelid Surgery

Double Eyelid Surgery

Canthoplasty: Corner Eyelid surgery




Ptosis Correction Surgery

Ptosis Correction Surgery