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What is the main purpose of face augmentation? It is to add volume to the hollow parts of your face, usually on cheeks, forehead and chin. Doctors in Korea mostly use fillers or facial implants to plump up the sunken areas. But as Seoul TouchUp hopes to focus on semi-permanent solutions, let's cover methods that involve facial implants. Most popular face augmentation or adding volume to face using implants is cheek augmentation and sometimes the effect can be positively magnified with paranasal augmentation. Of course, for those who have a weak chin, chin augmentation is available. In South Korea, surgeries that involve "inserting facial implants" is relatively basic and simple, but what's more important is customizing the shape of the implant to fit your face size and proportion. Korean plastic surgeons are expert at making the result as natural as possible, and the following are most widely used methods in Korea.

If you have ever heard that you look too tired or lack energy in your face, it is probably because of your flat face. A flat look can be caused due to ageing or your congenital facial bone structure. Regardless of the cause, it can make you look unappealing and even unhealthy. In Korea, by and large, adding dimension to your face can be accomplished by 3 techniques : Fat grafting, Dermal Fillers and adding facial implants. These are all very different types of procedures with different purposes. The most popular implant materials are silicone and Gore-tax for their proven safety over the years. Seoul TouchUp is aware that some customers are against putting something under their skin but in some situations, adding facial implants is the most excellent way to improve the look, and look natural in the long run.

Face Augmentation Cost in Korea

USD$4000-$6000 (for each area if augmentation is made through facial implants). The type of facial implants (Silicone or Gore-tax) doesn't really influence the price. Of course, surgery costs will depend on how many parts that you decide to do. Usually, cheeks, chin and paranasal parts are about the same price and you will be able to negotiate the price if done with more surgeries. (Check the cost of other Korean plastic surgery procedures)

Face Augmentation Quick Facts

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Hospitalization Nope. You don't have to spend the night at the clinic, as you will be allowed to leave after surgery. Of course, after surgery, you will have to cool off and get necessary after-care service at the clinic. It would take about 4-5 hours, and this is why it is wise not to plan a trip or shopping on your surgery day.
Stitch Removal Day In most cases, stitches are removed within 7-10 days after surgery. If you have sensitive skin, your recovery time would be longer. Also, there is a possibility that if you are allergic to the implant material, you will have to take out the implant before your skin tissue gets infected. You wouldn't have to worry too much as your plastic surgeon in Korea will regularly check your status.
Anaesthesia Local Anaesthesia & Sedation or General Anaesthesia. Augmentation surgery is usually operated with the sedation+local anaesthesia method. Also check with your plastic surgeon that stitches are made inside your month. Depending on your incision area, anaesthesia method might change as well.
How long is the operation? 1 to 1.5 hours for each part. Usually for augmentation surgery, experienced surgeons can finish the job relatively quickly. Doctors will first measure how much volume is most ideal for your case, and customize the implant for you.

Face Augmentation Recovery

What is your expectation after face augmentation surgery in Korea? Since there are many methods to add dimension to your face, you first want to understand what your aesthetic goal is. Please keep in mind that adding an implant to your face is also a semi-permanent surgery, and it takes a long time to get the swelling down. The first phase is 2-4 weeks after surgery when you will see most of the swelling subside. You must be very careful not to touch or rub the implant affected areas at least for a month. After three to six months, damaged skin tissues will heal up and start to get natural with your facial implants. As Seoul TouchUp always advises, waiting is perhaps the most painful part of the surgery. As plastic surgeons in Korea have rich experience in this, make sure to spend enough time with your surgeon during consultation in Korea.

1. Cheek Augmentation or Cheek Implants in Korea

Not everyone was born with cheeks like Miranda Kerr. If you have been wondering what made her so beautiful, it is her plump cheeks and cute dimples. The good news is that you can have gorgeous cheeks like hers in South Korea. Of course, not everyone is a candidate for this surgery. Cheek augmentation is particularly popular among those who don't have enough volume on the front side of cheeks. These people might hear that they look tired and have no energy in their face. It doesn't matter whether you are fat or skinny, losing or gaining fat only on your cheeks is virtually not possible, so you would need some help from a doctor. You might ask what type of implant is commonly used in Korea? It is mainly silicone implant and Gore-tex implant. Some doctors prefer silicone and some doctors prefer Gore-tex. It is heavily dependent upon your current facial condition and doctor's recommendation.

2. Paranasal Augmentation in Korea

Paranasal Augmentation is partially "made" in Korea because the technique was developed and mastered in Korea. If the name is too much of a mouthful, just remember "laugh lines enhancement" or that it is a techinque to add volume to sunken areas next to your nose. This procedure is specially popular with dermal fillers or fat grafting, but if you want to see some semi-permanent effect, adding an implant is the way to go. With deep laugh lines, you look older and tired. In Korea, this is why paranasal augmentation is called "noble surgery", which is designed to get rid of the plain and unglamorous look. The surgery is quite often combined with Nose Surgery in Korea in hopes to create maximum harmony in the centre of the face. It is crucial to understand that your laugh lines are created by various reasons : sunken areas next to your nose, your protruding mouth, rapid weight loss or your age. Understand the cause first with your plastic surgery in Korea and if it is just because of your sunken ares next to your nose, it is just simply can be operated by adding an implant through your mouth.

3. Chin Augmentation or Chin Implant in Korea

Chin Augmentation is perhaps one of the most popular augmentation surgeries in the West and the East. If you have a weak chin, you can consider having chin augmentation or chin implant. Your weak chin literally can make you look weak and dull, and it is certainly an undesirable feature to have. Incisions are made at the inner part of your lower mouth, so there won't be any scar left on the face. Seoul TouchUp has learned that people with weak chins are stressed about their side profile. Many Singaporeans and Thai customers fly to Korea to redo their chin implant and this is why it is very important to get it right the first time. There are a number of methods to enhance a weak chin in Korea, including surgery that even plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills are not experienced in. Chin Advancement surgery, for example, is a popular alternative to chin implant. However, you must check with your plastic surgeon which method is most ideal for you, as every plastic surgery case is unique.

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