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Changing face bone structure for cosmetic purposes was something unimaginable 10 -15 years ago. It was mainly operated for the purpose of face reconstruction after a car accident. Perhaps, back then, correcting a square jaw was considered as the most revolutionary face contouring cosmetic surgery. Other facial bone restructuring surgeries were simply unavailable. It was the South Korean plastic surgeons who made it possible. For the first time in the history of the world, cutting and reshaping facial bones have become commonplace in Korea and the doctors' expertise is now attracting a lot of international customers. Some surgeons are considered as authority figures by the world's standards, and some even wrote textbooks on face contouring surgeries based on hundreds of their personal case studies. As it is the highlight of Korean plastic surgery, let's investigate how it does it to create a naturally perfect look.

Face Augmentation

Advanced Face Contouring in Korea

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The "Augmentation vs. Reduction" concept still holds true for facial bone contouring surgeries. In general, face augmentation is simpler than face reduction, and face reduction is the main reason for customers to fly to Korea. Since face contouring techniques are very advanced, it must be operated by excellent surgeons who have years of experience. Also, being regarded as once-in-a-life-time surgery, you won't be allowed to have it when your bone is not fully developed, (below 17 will be considered as too young) or when your bone is too weak (above 60). If you have been considering coming to Korea for facial bone surgery, you must be aware of the fact that even plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills are incapable of, or opposed to face contouring due to lack of experience. Whether you are Asian or not, Korea will be the real destination for world's best face bone surgeries for years to come.

Best Korean Facial Contouring Before and After

Choosing the Best Face Contouring Surgeon in Korea

There are scores of things you need to check off your list especially when choosing a face contouring surgeon. Since there aren't many facial bone specialists to begin with, your selection will boil down to your consultation with the surgeon. Seoul TouchUp has learned that doctors in Korea usually recommend what is popular among Koreans or what might look great for Asians. Therefore it is crucial to communicate well about your beauty standards. Having face contouring definitely sounds scary at first, and we also advise against just trusting someone's testimonials online. Spend enough time during your consultation and remember to get necessary pre-operative essentials such as 360 degree face CT-Scans and miniature jawbone and cheekbone simulation. Also, it is better to have a packaged surgery in the long run. If you are thinking of having jawbone and cheekbone reduced, get a picture of what the combination would bring about during the consultation.

Top 5 Face Contouring Surgery FAQ

1.How long should I stay in Korea for my face contouring surgery?

Except for two-jaw surgery, face contouring surgeries will require you to stay at least for 10-14 days. Sometimes customers choose to stay 1-3 days longer in Korea, but most of them are okay to leave Korea after 2 weeks. Also, eating won't be easy after facial bone surgery, so it might be better to go back and heal at home than in Korea.

2.How much does face contouring cost?

USD$4,000-$6,000 for face augmentation surgeries. Augmentation surgeries such as cheek implants and chin implants are cheaper. But advanced face contouring surgeries will range from $8,000-$12,000. This is still significantly cheaper than America and Singapore. It is also a fact that surgeons in Korea have more experience in this specific field than any other country. If you are looking to have an entire face makeover, it will cost around $25,000 to $30,000. (Check the cost of other Korean plastic surgery procedures)

3. When will it get natural after having facial bone reconstruction?

Recovery is relatively faster for face contouring. You will be wearing a face warp for 2 weeks to minimize swelling, and given enough medication to speed up recovery process. It usually takes 1 month to have most of the swelling to go away, but to be completely natural, it will take at least 3-6 months. You will need to be patient and wait as it gets gradually natural.

4.Can I have other surgeries at the same time?

Yes. However, Seoul TouchUp recommends not to add too many surgeries on the same day. For face contouring, you will go under general anaesthesia, thus you might think that having everything in one shot is ideal. It is important to note that too many surgeries on the same day can bring about some unnatural results. Also, it is not really good for your health to be under general anaesthesia for a long time. If you are thinking of having an entire face makeover, focus on the "face" part first. You can always take care of the parts below the face the next time.

5.Will facial bone contouring leave scars?

If you get face contouring in Korea, most surgeons will perform the surgery through upper and lower parts of your gum. Since incisions are made inside your month, there won't be any scar left on the face. This is why it is truly magical to have face contouring in Korea. Even people who knew you before wouldn't not be able to tell what changed but can only assume that you have become more attractive.

Top 3 Types & Ideal Facial Shape

It would be virtually impossible to identify all facial shapes because everyone's bone structure is uniquely different. With the help of Korean plastic surgeons, however, we can classify them into 3 distinctive shapes. Other shapes are not really common and two-jaw surgery can be the only solution for them. Please consult with our medical coordinator if you need more detailed answers.

1.Square Jaw

square jaw surgery before and after
Square Jaw is perhaps the most typical type of "bulky jaw". This creates a masculine look, which can be undesirable for women. Some people love this bony and tough look but if this doesn't go in harmony with other parts of your body or face, you could consider rasping them to create a better symmetry.

2.Weak (Receding) Chin

weak chin surgery before and after
Weak chin is a common problem for both Caucasian and Asian. People with receding chin usually suffer from having an unappealing side-profile, and the look can even weaken their charisma. There are simple methods to improve the look so you might want to look into them.

3.Protruding Cheeks

protruding cheeks correction before and after
Similar to square jaw, protruding cheeks can create a manly look if the protrusion is concentrated on the sides. Miranda Kerr's cute cheeks are pronounced on the front, which will be ideal. As much as having no cheek volume is unattractive and create an unhealthy and tired look, having too much volume can make your face look bigger.

4.Protruding Mouth

protruding mouth correction before and after

5.Protruding Chin

protruding chin correction before and after

6.Asymmetrical Mouth

asymmetrical mouth correction before and after

Face Augmentation & Implants

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Face Augmentation

Advanced Face Contouring

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Advanced Face Contouring