• Is there any way that can make my cheekbone smaller or changed in shape? Anybody thinks it can? And is there any way that can make the skin upper cheekbone reduced naturally? Anybody did it successfully? How? By ice? How long could it take to be successful?

    • Enso

      heya smita, maybe you wanna check out their other blogs (on cheekbone surgery) Good luck. :)

  • taiwanese girl

    isn’t it a sin to do plastic surgery? why don’t people nowadays just appreciate what god had given them..poor being ;(

    • Enso

      because we as human beings, often do not feel satisfied with what we are. We are constantly trying to improve ourselves! When i was a kid, i was fat. Then i grew up and lost weight. When i was in high school, i didn’t wear make-up. Now, i do! A year back, i didn’t wear skirts, now, i do! We are always changing and that’s life – always changing. Still, i get what you’re saying, taiwanese girl, life could be simpler if we just accepted things as they are…

    • Babygirl

      It’s not a sin to do plastic surgery. it’s a sin to judge others too harshly.

      People who undergo plastic surgery are brave individuals seeking to improve their lives, sacrificing time and going through a lot of pain to better their looks.

      You may argue that people should learn to love who they are and what “God” had given them. But then why are women wearing make up? Why hide what God gives you? Using your reasoning, all women on earth are committing a sin?

      Perhaps before posting hateful comments, you should take a good look in the mirror and see what kind of soul you have.

    • Reinhardt Schweinmörder

      It is a sin to prevent the doctors and clinics from making a fortune.