Hook Nose Correction Surgery

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1.What is it?

Hook nose (beak nose) is a common term for a nose with a bump on the bridge. The hook nose correction surgery removes the hump/bump by carefully rasping (shaving off) the protruding bone/cartilage on the bridge of the nose.

2.Who needs it?

Hook nose correction in Korea is a commonly done. Why? The hook nose can project a stern and unfriendly image and can even make your chin look short and receding. Hook nose correction can smooth out your nasal bridge to help you achieve a gentler, neater and more attractive look.

3.Surgery Procedure

Just like the nasal tip + bridge enhancement surgery, incisions are made either at the inside of the nose or in between the nostrils (columella). Although rasping alone can correct the hook nose, in many cases of hook nose correction surgery, silicone and cartilage are implanted to keep the overall natural balance of the nose.