• Yuni Fajarwati MH

    i trust that chae rim not plastic surgery, she is beautiful from kid until now…

    • missDD86

      She definitely has had a nose job at minimum as well as eyelid surgery.

  • eduardo

    Kito ano kita kiritoan sa kama churupa an sa kama burai mo maraki tsa ka buto mo maraki.

  • missDD86

    Kim Nam Joo has very obviously has eyelid, nose job AND jawline reduction/tapering. All the women here have at minimum had nose jobs and eyelids. The ones who’s jaw bones are completely different also got the jawline tapered to get rid of the square or box shape in their face. It’s a standard procedure that MOST Korean idols and actors/actresses get done, this includes the males. The nose job is usually recommended along with it because it helps to balance out the face once it’s been shortened. I could say at least 95% of Korean stars (especially of today) have gotten the work done. Most of the older school idols and actors/actresses have not.

  • Kristen

    Don’t say Asian women, probably Koreans and some only

  • Kanes

    You are trying to give less importance to a serious matter. You sound too partial and the fact is that asians are pretty influenced by caucasians, just as we are in southamerica (I’m from Chile). One of my younger cousins, who is 14, is traumatized by the fact that she’s not blond and because she has brown eyes. For her, dark eyes ar ugly and she says she “needs” to have blue eyes to be acceptable.
    Everybody in the world who suffers the influence of film industry, northamerican tvshows, in some moment in their lifes wants to be caucasian, look caucasian, and the fact that you think asians do surgery for other reasons is just… naive. I’m gonna tell you with honesty, because you are erasing a serious matter that for sure is making girls and boys feel less beautiful because of the way their eyes look, because of the way their skin looks. USA is everywhere and that’s a fact. I didn’t suffer the influence of beauty ideals because I pretty much don’t care about how I look while I’m comfortable and healthy. But in my years of high school every girl in my school wanted to be blond, taller and with clearer skin.

    Don’t underestimate the influence of caucasians. They rule the world, and I’m not exaggerating.