• Lee C

    Omg she was beautiful before and looks like a crack head now! None of we Caucasians have pointy jaws and that ridiculous surprised look. Why oh why destroy what you had. You can never go back now. And I bet you will want to in years to come! Silly girl :(

  • nutriti0nista .

    This was clearly a result of sliding genioplasty, which – when done by an unskilled doctor – can lead to an overly narrow chin that looks like a spade. The bone was cut too wide which makes it look like part of her lower jaw has come forward. Also, the nose job caused her upper lip to fall down. However – saying all that – she seems happy with the results.

  • Rose Nope

    It looks bad, but I wonder how much of her bone is even there any more… what if she had a minor car crash, and her jaw bumped the steering wheel and blew into a million pieces because the remaining bone was so over sculpted?