Laser Skin Care (Resurfacing & Tightening)

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1.What Is It?

Laser skin care (Resurfacing & Tightening & Whitening) is a non-invasive and non-surgical solution for facial skin rejuvenation. It is an effective skin care treatment that aims to create a revitalized and blemish-free skin. Laser skin care can be used for a vast variety of skin types as it designed to target different skin conditions.

2.Who Needs It?

Laser skin care can be used to treat various skin conditions including pigmentation, sun-spots, freckles, acne, moles (mole removal), dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, scars (scar revision treatment), wounds, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging treatments for lines and wrinkles, skin that has loss elasticity, removal and treatment of vascular lesions such as blood spots, ‘port wine stains’ and capillaries.

3.Surgery Procedure

The basic principle of laser skin care is to aid in the repair of damaged cells by hastening the skin renewal process by stimulating collagen in the dermis. The skin on our face is constantly being renewed by the fresh skin underneath replacing the dull damaged skin on the surface.

Laser skin care is a safe and pain-free treatment. It does not burn because there is no heat involved in the epidermis. The low intensity laser is placed in contact with the skin at the affected areas. It targets damaged and/or blemished cells without harming surrounding normal tissues, thus resulting in a new layer of skin that is refreshed and smoother with a more even tone and colour.