Laser Teeth Whitening

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1.What is it?

A laser teeth whitening procedure is maybe one of the most “essential” cosmetic procedures these days. Most Korean dentists will use advanced laser bleaching technologies like the BrightSmile LED light, which only takes one hour to whiten your teeth.

2.Who needs it?

Unlike other cosmetic procedures, a teeth whitening procedure is generally recommended for “everyone,” as it can dramatically improve your appearance in a short period of time. In particular, ideal candidates are those who enjoy color foods and drinks such as curry, coffee, and red wine.

3.Surgery Procedure

After evenly applying teeth bleaching materials over your teeth, the dentist will activate laser light to facilitate the whitening. There are 16 different levels of enamel shades (tooth color): B1 (the brightest) to C4 (the darkest). Depending on your current tooth color, the procedure can bring your teeth up 6 to 8 levels.