Nasal Tip Plasty + Bridge Enhancement

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1.What is it?

The nasal tip procedure (tip plasty) raises and narrows the tip of the nose, while bridge enhancement surgery elevates the bridge of the nose. These two cosmetic procedures go hand in hand to bring about a more natural looking and well-balanced change to the nose.

2.Who needs it?

The nasal tip & bridge enhancement procedure is highly requested by those who have a flat nasal bridge with a short nasal tip. This procedure will help those who are suffering from low self-esteem due to an aesthetically undesirable or plain looking nose. It is very common to have the two procedures performed together.

3.Surgery Procedure

For the nasal tip procedure, incisions are made inside the nose or at the columella (center of the nasal base). In most cases, your surgeon will extract cartilage from the back of your ear (auricular cartilage) to add to the tip of your nose. This allows your nasal tip to be sculpted to the desired shape.

Just like the nasal tip enhancement procedure, the bridge enhancement procedure begins with an incision inside the nose or at the columella. In most cases, your surgeon will use silicone for an implant because of its proven safety and customizability.