Pre-operative Preparations

plastic surgery preparations
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Do I Need It?

In decades past, cosmetic surgery was not nearly as prevalent as it is now. You lived with the look you were born with and grew into, and that was it! In today’s modern society, people have the privilege of changing their looks to boost their confidence and to feel good inside and out. Many of the procedures are quick with little or no complications at all. There is no reason at all why should you live a life hiding behind shadows or frumpy clothes when a simple cosmetic surgery procedure can bring your inner beauty to the surface for the whole world to see. What it all comes down to is this; a new look can transform your life, open doors and allow you to love yourself more.So, onto the topic -- Korean plastic surgery pre-operation preparations!

What to Wear?

To ensure that you are well-prepared for your life changing procedure, we recommend that you arrive wearing a large or loose shirt with buttons, long skirt or baggy pants and pack a pair of sunglasses, hat and mask. Avoid tight-fitting clothes or underwear as these could cause you some discomfort. You are also advised to fast for at least four hours before the procedure for local anesthesia and at least eight hours before a general anesthesia. Shaving the armpit is recommended before breast surgery to avoid any infections and you’ll want to make sure you take a shower and brush your teeth as you may not be able to do so for a little while after your surgery. Driving is not advised after any procedure and our transportation service will be ready to bring you to your home or to your hotel.

Your Condition

In general, one should stop smoking and drinking three weeks before surgery. This is because smoking slows down the healing process by constricting the blood flow.Before you travel to Korea for plastic surgery, if you have any of these known pre-existing conditions, it is recommended that you comply with the following: Patients with Diabetes should consult with their primary physician before undergoing any procedure to avoid any complications such as hypoglycaemia. Your blood sugar must be maintained at a certain level (about 150), which might require you to monitor your blood sugar closely. Clinic personnel may want to test your blood sugar level, or have you test it yourself before beginning the procedure. It is checked a final time once again after the procedure is completed, so as to ensure that it is within normal levels.

For clients undergoing a major procedure, the same process is followed but on top of that, 8 hours of fasting is required. Patients with other pre-existing conditions such as epilepsy, hypertension and thyroid problems must undergo the same fasting period for local and general anaesthesia.

Medicines to Avoid

It is advised that you bring your medications to the clinic with you, although your regular medications must still be taken at their scheduled times. There are some medications that you must stop taking one to two weeks before the procedure. This includes ibuprofen, anti-inflammatory drugs, medications to stop menstruation, hormone agents, contraceptives and aspirin. Remember to disclose your pertinent medical history so that the clinic will be well prepared to take care of your needs should an emergency resulting from an existing medical condition arise before, during or after your cosmetic surgery procedure.
Medications aside, there are things that one should consume before surgery. It is generally advisable to take multivitamin supplements, as well as eat a regular and balanced diet. However, it must be noted that food containing salicylates should be avoided -- these can cause excessive bruising.If you have certain medications that you constantly need to take, please let us know what those are, we will certainly check it for you.