Ptosis Correction Surgery

Ptosis (the "P" is silent ;)) generally means that something in your body is drooping due to lack of muscle power. If eyelid is drooping due to eyelid muscle dysfunction, that is called eyelid ptosis. Although it could be an "illness", famous celebrities like Forest Whitaker shows that ptosis could create a charming and intruding look. However, in most cases, drooping eyes hamper proper eye contact and create a lazy look, which may leave negative impression during your job interview. Fortunately, you can correct this through ptosis correction surgery. In Korea and other East Asian countries, eyelid ptosis is more common than in the West, and this is one of the reasons why Korean plastic surgeons are very experienced in restructuring eyelid muscles to correct ptosis.


Ptosis Correction Surgery Cost

USD$3000-$5000 each: Ptosis correction surgery is perhaps the most difficult eyelid surgery of all. From mild case to severe ptosis, in order to make it aesthetically beautiful, Korean plastic surgeons may add other lifting surgeries like forehead lift or temple lift to make it more look appealing. This may increase your surgery budget but for the best result, it is best to listen to doctor's suggestion first.(Check the cost of other Korean plastic surgery procedures)

Ptosis Correction Surgery Quick Facts

Quick Facts Double Check
Hospitalization No. However, you will be very swollen after ptosis correction surgery. You will be advised to use icepack provided by your plastic surgery clinic in Korea, and stay till your eyes fully cooled off.
Stitch Removal Day 5-7 days after surgery. In some cases, swelling doesn't subside as fast as it is supposed to. Your plastic surgeon in Korea should examine this first, and the stitch removal day can be postponed to 1-2 days later.
Anesthesia Local Anesthesia & Sedation. It is important to note that you will be awake during surgery and the doctor will instruct you to open and close eyes to symmetrically compare the thickness of double eyelids on both eyes.
How long is the operation? 1 to 1:30 hours. Seoul TouchUp finds that when more work is done on the muscle restructuring part, surgery could be longer. You also want to take pre-and-post surgery time into account because Korean plastic surgery clinics will always make sure to hygienically prepare your surgery room, which will also take about an hour.

Ptosis Correction Surgery Recovery

One of the major differences between ptosis surgery recovery and other eyelid surgery recovery is that your eyes will be very swollen after surgery. It will also take a longer time for eyes to start to look natural. 2-4 weeks after surgery, most of the swelling will go away but chances are that your eyelids will look too thick, and not really natural at this point. The swelling will start to go down little by little and 3-6 months after surgery, it will look reasonably natural. It will take 6 months to 12 months for your eyes to look completely natural. Also, eyelid ptosis correction surgery is combined with other lifting surgeries like forehead lift to increase harmony with the rest of the face. If this is your case, you will be more patient with swelling and bruising for 2-4 weeks after surgery. The good news is that although it takes a longer time to look natural, eventually, your eyes will look natural and beautifully different within a year.

1. Ptosis Correction in Korea

It is not uncommon to have a eyelid ptosis in South Korea. However, not many people are aware of ptosis in Korea because many of them have monolid. When you don't have double eyelids, it is not as clear if you have ptosis or not. When you go to a plastic surgery clinic in Korea, you then realize that ptosis was the culprit that made your eyes look even smaller. If your ptosis case is severe, your eyelid ptosis is mostly affected by forehead ptosis, which brings about forehead muscle dysfunction. In this case, your eyebrows are also drooping and affecting the upward movement of eyelids. Korean plastic surgeons will usually combine forehead lift or temple lift to correct this, and help better position your upper eyelid.
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2. Best Candidates for Ptosis Correction

Try to have your eyes wide open, and look up with your head position unchanged and without using your eyebrows. If you are using your eyebrows to lift up your eyes and this creates too many wrinkles in your forehead, you are a candidate for ptosis correction surgery. Forehead wrinkle is formed because you don't have enough muscle power in your upper eyelid to lift up. As ptosis makes eyes and eyebrows look pointing downward, it makes you look "dark, lazy or sleepy". This can give some unappealing impression against your will. Also, you need to be aware that you will look very different after surgery because this surgery will affect or lift up the upper saggy part of your face.

3. Ptosis Correction Surgery Procedure

Upper blepharoplasty + muscle structure correction = Ptosis correction surgery. This simple "formula" can help understand what is actually involved in ptosis correction surgery. To help use the muscles of the eyes, your Korean plastic surgeon will perform the full incision procedure and ptosis correction to lift the lids. The formula occasionally adds forehead lift or temple lift for some severe cases. Seoul TouchUp finds that ptosis correction is often operated twice in Korea to perfect symmetry between eyes. The 2nd correction can be operated 2-3 days after the initial surgery. So, it is essential to ask the doctor to check the symmetry 2-3 days after surgery.

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