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I am really happy about my choice of going to Korea to undergo plastic surgery.

They are amazing : professional, competent. SeoulTouchup staff is just lovely. They care so much about each patient and you do not feel you are a number.

Any discomfort? : you can call them and they will be there for you. I encourage everyone to get in touch with this agency because they are simply number 1, know your needs and to which doctor you ought to be referred.

I am happy of the results almost visible (one week post-surgery) and if I ever need anything I will be back here and never deal again with any Canadian or American doctors.

You can contact me on my personal e-mail if you have doubts or questions. I would be able to provide you eventually with my phone number to discuss further details, have questions, if you need any info about the trip, or discuss my experience etc.


I’m very happy I used Seoul TouchUp because they handled everything for me and brought me peace of mind during my trip.

I was very excited to come to Seoul and start my plastic surgery journey with Seoul TouchUp. Before I came to Seoul, my Seoul TouchUp coordinator, Youngmin, had called me several times to go over my trip. We discussed things such as: 1) what I wanted done, 2) choosing my clinic, 3) money and health issues, and 4) creating my itinerary. As a result of this, I felt very comfortable even before I arrived in Seoul.

When I arrived at Incheon airport, their driver, Jin, picked me up from airport. Although he did not speak English that well, he was very attentive and helpful. I was driven directly to the plastic surgery clinic where I finally met Youngmin face-to-face. She brought cookies and pastry as a welcome gift, which I thought was a nice touch. We went over what I wanted done before we met with the plastic surgeon so that we were both on the same page. During my consultation with the surgeon, she helped me translate my questions and concerns. Afterwards, she bargained the cost of my surgeries for me. After the visit to the clinic, Seoul Touchup treated Jin, Youngmin, and I to a dinner. That was my favourite part of the trip as I’m a foodie.

The next day, Youngmin brought me to a different clinic/hospital to have my vitals taken. Then it was off to the clinic for my surgery. Youngmin went over all of the release and consent forms very thoroughly. The surgeries went off without any issues, but I was in a lot of pain afterwards and could not take care of myself at all. This is when I was the most grateful that Youngmin was there with me. She helped me focus on breathing to come out of my general anesthesia. Jin also helped me buy groceries so I can cook in my hotel during my recovery. The next week of recovery went by pretty fast; all of my follow-up appointments were made for me and I was driven to and from the clinic each time. When it was time to leave Seoul, other Seoul TouchUp coordinators, escorted me to the airport and it was a pretty fun ride.

I had wanted plastic surgery in Seoul but was hesitant because of the language barrier and the amount of plastic surgery clinics to choose from. I’m very happy I used Seoul TouchUp because they handled everything for me and brought me peace of mind during my trip.


Absolutely outstanding! My plastic surgery trip to Korea with Seoul TouchUp was effortless and impeccable.

Not only was my team an absolute pleasure to work with professionally, but they also made Korea feel like home by welcoming me with open arms. Before the trip, I was a nervous train wreck: 1) this was my first international trip alone to a country on the other side of the world where I knew not a single soul/Seoul and 2) I was going there for plastic surgery! However, the basis of my trip stemmed from years upon years of constant bullying that ate away at my self-esteem, so I was committed to the trip despite it seeming like an insurmountable amount of work and details.

Like most people considering plastic surgery for the first time, I had no idea where to start. Fortunately, I stumbled upon the Seoul TouchUp website and forum. Eager to find a community of people in my situation, I began interacting with my fellow forum members until I eventually accumulated enough points to obtain a complimentary TouchUp Lite plan.

My coordinator Youngmin alleviated my stress through her weekly phone calls and answered my questions thoroughly and in a manner that I could easily understand. She recommended clinics best fit for my case and worked with my somewhat awkward schedule during a peak season. Upon my arrival, a team was already waiting to pick me up, and everything seemed so surreal. Youngmin, Jasmin, and Mr. Jin were absolutely wonderful throughout the trip. They eased my nerves the day of the surgery, ensured I recovered swiftly and comfortably, and even enlightened me about Korean culture.

The departure date was bittersweet. 8 days and 7 nights in Korea flew by, but it was all worth it. With the help of Seoul TouchUp’s staff, I was able to overcome my self-esteem issues with minimal stress and forged some friendships along the way. In hindsight, I still almost cannot believe that I was given this amazing opportunity of a lifetime. As an active member of the Seoul TouchUp forum, I was granted this life-changing experience, and I left Korea with newfound confidence and new friendships. Thank you, Seoul TouchUp!

dnice - an active Seoul TouchUp Forum Member

I couldn't be more impressed and pleased with my 14-day experience with Seoul TouchUp.

I'm an American who traveled to Seoul for rhinoplasty and dental ceramic crowns. I know Korea has an excellent reputation for cosmetic surgery, but I didn't know how that would translate for a foreign Caucasian. I was apprehensive about communicating my expectations, but Seoul Solutions made everything so easy. Throughout the whole experience I felt safe, looked after, and supported by a caring and knowledgeable team.

When it came down to the moment right before the surgery I was so nervous and the team literally stayed by my side and gave me the courage to proceed. There was never any pressure, just professionalism and kindness. The team worked hard to understand my expectations; they listened and asked questions until there was no doubt that our communication was clear on all sides. The doctors really understood what look I wanted to achieve because Seoul TouchUp made it their number one priority to represent the vision I had for myself.

I have to say, Seoul TouchUp delivered on everything they promised. The team of experienced professionals understood and respected the sensitivity of my personal decision to do these procedures. What I needed the most - is exactly what the team provided. I needed information and access to skilled doctors and Seoul TouchUp made everything hassle-free and convenient.


Seoul Touchup’s system is very easy, professional and friendly.

After submitting the online form, a medical tourism coordinator promptly contacted me within 48 hours of submission. The coordinator Joon spoke fluent English and he was very friendly and resourceful; he quickly answered all my questions and concerns not only through emails but also through phone calls and mobile messaging. We spoke throughout the weeks before my arrival, which made me feel very safe and reassured.

I did not expect all the coordinators, Joon, Kang, Jessie and Cary to be there waiting throughout the surgery; they felt like my family, always there to encourage and support you. Following the procedures, I was driven back to the hotel and the coordinators prepared some porridge for me.

I was extremely happy with my doctor, the nurses, the facility and especially the results. Again I cannot express my impressment and gratitude for all of my coordinators as they have been there from the start to the end. They were there for me prior and during my stay in Korea.

Seoul touchup’s SEND (safe, easy, not expensive and dedicated) approach was honored throughout my trip, and I was able to receive the beauty procedures I wanted and make life long memories in Seoul without a hitch!


Seoul TouchUp made my trip to Korea smoother than I could have ever imagined. A week after the surgery, I broke out into itchy splotches, including itchy red bumps on my face. And of course, it happened on a Saturday night. I sent a text to Joon, my awesome coordinator, on Sunday morning when I saw that the rash didn’t disappear overnight and Joon responded immediately. Even though I only asked Joon to tell me the name of an antihistamine that I could find in Korea, less than an hour later, Kang (another great fellow) came knocking at the hotel door and brought cream for the rash and checked up on me. I felt bad that they did all this on Sunday of all days, but I could not be more grateful for the level of service that they provide.

Seoul TouchUp members provided support beyond what I could have imagined.

They provide you with a cell phone with Internet during your stay, they take you to pre- and post-operation facial and massage (with the nicest lady I’ve ever met!), and they take care of you every step of the way. No need to figure out transportation, no need to worry about miscommunication between you and the surgeon, and no need to worry about what on earth you are going to eat in the most painful recovery days when the last thing you want to do is leave your hotel room. Every single person that I have met within the company is ridiculously nice and very willing to help. They truly care about their clients and they treat you more like a friend/family member than like a client.


Hello, my name is Saia M., and I went to South Korea for V-line, cheekbone reduction, fat graft, rhinoplasty, eyelid correctional, and liposuction. Considering that I am only 21 years of age and that I never traveled alone, let alone to another country.

I decided to embark on my journey through Seoul TouchUp medical tourism agency. I was a little skeptical at first as to if they were a legit company and not a fraud, but it was not like that at all. The reason why I decided to trust them was because of the coordinator I was assigned to. My coordinator is named Joon Lee, and we spoke about every week, sometimes twice or three times a week, for the first three months before my set flight to South Korea. He talked to me at all hours of the day, and would even call me when it was 4am-6am, Seoul time.

These Seoul TouchUp employees were not just employers for me to get plastic surgery, but became friends to me. Furthermore, Joon always visited me post surgery, bought me food, took me out, and even got me a going away present. It has been a long time since I left Korea, and Joon still texts me, not to just see how my swelling is going, but just to see how I am doing, holistically.

If that isn’t what good service is, then I don’t know what is.

He wasn’t just a coordinator to me, but that friend that was needed when you are going through the emotional stages of post operation. To end it all, I would go through Seoul touchup again if I wanted to get anything else done, and I will recommend them to anyone, and I can’t emphasize it enough on how thankful I am towards Joon and Seoul touchup.


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