Vaginal Rejuvenation (Vaginoplasty) and M-sling Implant

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1.What is it?

Vaginal rejuvenation surgical procedures have made it possible for thousands of women to feel sexual pleasure just as they had before giving birth. The procedure is done to strengthen the structure of the vaginal wall and to tighten the vaginal opening. The procedure will also help you more easily achieve orgasms during vaginal intercourse.

Aside from the rejuvenation procedure, M-sling silicone implants have become another choice for women who wish to take their sexual pleasure to a whole new level. Although this procedure does not restore the muscles of the vaginal walls like vaginal rejuvenation surgery, M-sling silicone implants make the vaginal opening tighter. This will help your partner feel the orgasm more intensely and make them crave for more sexual intercourse. If you're considering getting vaginoplasty, read on!

2.Who needs it?

Women lose sensation in their vagina for various reasons. Multiple childbirths, frequent sexual intercourse, hormonal problems, rapid weight gain or loss and age can affect the elasticity of the vagina. These surgery procedures are best suited for women who want to feel strong contractions in their vagina. Women who yearn for more passion and excitement in their sex lives will greatly benefit from the procedure as it can restore lost intimacy and sexual desires and rekindle the fire in relationships that may have gone cold.

3.Surgery Procedure

Laser technology is used by your surgeon to remove the layers of excess tissue found in the vaginal canal. The procedure will strengthen the muscles of the vaginal wall and tighten the vulvovaginal area (the entrance).

On the other hand, for the M-sling implant procedure, elastic silicone rings are placed inside the vagina to tighten the vaginal opening. It is important to note that women who may consider having more children in the future should opt for M-sling implants instead of vaginal rejuvenation surgery as M-sling implants are easily removable and it takes significantly less time to recover from the procedure.