• Anh

    I was wondering what the average Asian women think about their breast? Do they have the need/want to have bigger one. Because I’m doing research about it but it’s rather hard to find that kind of information. And for South-Korea, I know that the percentage rate of doing plastic surgery is one of the highest in the world, (jaws,nose,eyelids etc) but does that also apply to breast surgery?
    Thank you in advance!

    • Sara

      I am a 25 South Korean with a small B cup and have always wanted bigger breasts. I was one of those girls who took forever to grow so I had to wear a lot of padded bras growing up. I still have to wear a little padding to feel confident. I’m starting to do some research now on breast enlargements but since I’ve heard some horror stories I’m entering with caution. I always do a TON of research before I decide anything.

  • angelina55

    I’m a 15 year old asian, with natural DD cup breast. Not all asians have small breasts. Asia is full of different cultures.

    • angelina55